Building waterproofing

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Antonopoulou Eleni & Co. OE - Roof insulation - Thermal insulation - Sepolia Attica


At Antonopoulou Eleni & Co. OE, we understand the importance of effective waterproofing to protect building structures from moisture, leaks and unwanted water inflows. We use the latest technology and the most advanced materials on the market to achieve a safe and durable seal.

The sealing services we provide include:

  • Roof waterproofing: We apply special materials and coatings to prevent water ingress and protect the roof from the weather.
  • Waterproofing: We apply specialized insulating liquids to surfaces that require additional protection, such as swimming pools, bathrooms and basements.
  • Waterproofing of underground spaces: We protect underground spaces from moisture and leaks, using specialized sealing techniques.
  • Waterproofing repairs: We deal with waterproofing problems of existing structures and carry out effective repairs to restore the tightness.

Antonopoulou Eleni & Co. OE is committed to providing high quality sealing services, seeking the full satisfaction of our customers. We are dedicated to providing reliable solutions that ensure long-term protection and durability for your structures.