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Antonopoulou Eleni & Co. OE
Roof insulation - Waterproofing - Thermal insulation - Sepolia Attica


Antonopoulou Eleni & Co. OE is a company based in Sepolia Attica that deals with roof insulation, waterproofing and thermal insulation. With an experience that dates back several decades, our company has gained a reputation for the quality of the services it provides and its reliability.

At Antonopoulou Eleni & Co. OE, we understand the importance of proper insulating and waterproofing protection of buildings. The insulating roof is a critical element in maintaining the integrity of the building, reducing energy losses and ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. By choosing our company for your roof insulation, you can be sure that you will receive high quality services that will meet your needs.

Our services also include waterproofing, offering reliable solutions to prevent moisture ingress and water leakage from your roof. Our skilled craftsmen will diagnose waterproofing problems and provide effective solutions to keep your building watertight.

In addition, we offer thermal insulation services that allow you to save energy and improve the thermal insulation of your building. Our skilled craftsmen will select the appropriate materials and install the thermal insulation systems with precision and professionalism, ensuring an indoor environment that will be comfortable, energy efficient and economical.